We always believe that building a forest is much better than building a tree, and so the social workers, along with building their respective social initiatives (their own trees) can support and share their experiences with our members to help us shape the mindset of youth who can build the forest of social initiatives in the future.

If you are a Social Worker

Who wants to share their experience at the ground level with the youth of the country.

Who want to spare sometime to build leaders like himself who can help the society.

Who is an expert and join our network to guide us how to run this network.

You are most welcome to join us

what will they do?

Provide your experience and guidance to our network of students.

To mentor one of our centers and help them in difficulties.

Help them structurise their ideas into a proper plan to give fruitful results.

Ready to commit 4-6 hours per week

Contact Us

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Phone Number

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