College Students like Ram:

Who instead of blaming governments wants to take control and do something for society,

Who wants to learn how to solve practical real-world problems.

Who want a platform to showcase their management skills.

Who want any early exposure to the grass-root reality of India.

Who aspire to serve the nation.

You are most welcome to join us.

What you will do?

You can join us by considering one of the following role.

Centre Coordinators

  1. Help us bring LiGHT to your campus.
  2. Form a team of members, and coordinate between them to use the platform.
Commitment Required: Should be able to commit 9-10 Hours per week

Core Team Member

  1. Get induldge in execution of events in coordination with Center Cordinator.
  2. Get involved in workshops and tasks conducted by the us.
Commitment Required: Should be able to commit 5-6 Hours per week


  1. Participate in the events and ensuring events to be properly conducted.
  2. Publicze LiGHT in their campus.
Commitment Required: Should be able to commit 2-3 Hours per week

Contact Us

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A108 Adam Street, NY 535022, USA

Phone Number

+1 5589 55488 55