RISE (Reform and Innovate School Education) initiative was started on 9th September 2020 till 5th October 2020 with an aim to improve the quality of education imparted in schools across the country. It's overall mission is to transform the existing teacher-centric model into a student-centric model of education. Through our LiGHT centres we approached various schools throughout the nation for an online workshop. Ek Tara collaborated with us to bring in teachers with expertise and experience in early childhood content.

Aim of the Workshop

  • Facilitate improved learning for students of class 1-5th especially during the pandemic time and online learning
  • Provide teachers with the country the means of implementing activity-based learning lesson plans during pandemic and post-pandemic.
  • Promote student-centred teaching methods which ensure the holistic development of the students
  • Facilitate the implementations of the guidelines of the NEP (National Education Policy 2020)

Topics covered During the Workshop

  • Effect of the pandemic on current school systems, need for student-centered methodologies.
  • Introduction to student-centric teaching and integrated teaching-learning methodologies with examples for primary level.
  • Introduction to lesson plans, preparing lesson plans and means of implementing it in online classes during COVID and post-COVID shifting their teaching methodologies.
  • Sample activities with teachers can be implemented during their online classes. Subjects covered were literacy, numeracy, EVS, Social and Emotional Development, and General Knowledge.


  1. The activities are practical based, student-centric, students were able to more engage and get involved with the activities. Few of the activities explained were known to us but the way LiGHT had presented them was really good, especially structuring everything and preparing a booklet of activities will indeed benefit the schools while teaching.

    ~Swapnil Vairagade, ZP Primary School, Mahabada

  2. It was very good and I learned a lot. It will be very useful for students. I enjoyed all the workshops.

    ~Sarla Prajapati, Rise Public School

  3. We got subject activities that were very useful to learn and teach to students. Most of the children were interested to learn and participate in it. As a teacher, it was a nice experience for me.
  4. ~Bindu M.R. Govt Primary School Kozhinjampara










Description of the Event