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LIGHT Wardha

"LiGHT-Wardha was an opportunity that knocked our door and we are overwhelmingly thankful to LIGHT for trusting us. The opportunity was better than complaining and dreaming about an ideal society. As believed, an ideal society can only be achieved by developing and working for society, the newer generation might have to dig deeper into the roots of this abysmal and chaotic social hindrance....LiGHT is an admirable platform and being a part of it was a great investment for all of us as it not only helps in shaping the society but it will also help us to develop our professional skills. At the start, though everyone was driven with the instant rush of social work there were still a few doubts of “How this will work?” which was cleared with constant meetings and when we did our first event which was ""School adoption under cleanliness drive"" ,  it helped us to get hands on many difficulties and helped us curb our enthusiasm and focus on our task. As it was our first task, we didn’t want to make a mistake as it was also a kind of a test . Of course , all things didn’t go perfect, there were mistakes but we as individuals learned various things and adapted to the flexible approach for the task to make it a successful run. We did a lot of work at ground level. Most skills like leadership skills, management skills, communication skills, etc were tested in the first task itself. The ups and down will surely help us broaden our perspective towards the concept of an ideal society. Supporting a noble cause and making a positive contribution to society is all that matters and as a center of LiGHT, we will always focus on learning new things on our way to make a better tomorrow."

Centre Coordinator

Gaurav Pandey
Prathmesh Nimje
Tushar Dhanorkar
Zahra Drbar

Core Team Members