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"LiGHT aims in helping people's social, economic, cultural development and encouraging them to find solutions to their problems based on available sources. The chance to give something back, sharing skills, learning new skills, sharing our knowledge and gaining new experiences different from the ones we were familiar with gives us the motivation to be a part of this organization. ...The thought that we will learn and experience working with people of different cultures gives us the motivation to be part of this elite organization. Working with LIGHT will also incrrease our ability to adapt to different cultural demands and behavioral expectations. This will also improve our ability to handle sensitive situations. This platform gives us a perception of our responsibility to play a role and have a significant impact on the lives of people who will manifest a similar sense in them too and will motivate themselves to help others in their personal spectrum of life. While working with this organization, we gain a sense of perspective and start seeing the impact of small things. No matter what subsector we decide to work in, we will have the chance to see the impact our work is making. It is an incredibly humble feeling to see the people we are truly working for every day, whether they live onsite or attend our programs. Thus, we are delighted to be a part of this organization that reaches out to the weaker sections of society, works for their upliftment and believes in bringing happiness to the lives of others."


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Anand Joshi
Rohit Kumar Tiwari

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