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LIGHT pallakad

"LiGHT has come up with a platform to accomplish the necessities of the feeble fragments of a community. It is a unique body whose fabric has been woven by a very strong network of socially motivated students. The idea of transforming lives and being a socially responsible citizen is motivating enough to be a part of this organization. Not everyone is as lucky to have a fulfilling and satisfying life but our team can make a difference by strengthening families, shaping lives, and reconstructing hope through empowerment and education. The word social motivation clearly illustrates that all the members are elated with this opportunity that stands a place in their vision and insights, fulfilling two purposes of providing a chance to work for a social cause and developing various skills that give a sense of unity, collectiveness and team spirit which are key aspects for the functioning of any organization. "...This very platform gives us a perception of our responsibility to play a role and have a significant impact on the lives of people who will manifest a similar sense in them and will motivate themselves to help others in their spectrum of life. Along with the satisfaction that we receive while serving others, we also get to know different people across the nation and their day-to-day problems. As such no particular motivation is required to work for a good cause, it just needs to come from the heart of an individual. Thus we are delighted to be a part of this organization that reaches out to the weaker sections of society, works for their upliftment, and believes in bringing happiness to the lives of others.  

Centre Coordinator

Anand Kumar Sharma
Nishant Singh

Core Team Members