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LIGHT Chennai

Our neighbourhood is one of those places which was lacking in certain aspects like sanitation, education, etc. We were in need of a group of passionate volunteers, someone youthful and earnest to accept this huge opportunity, and started a centre for LIGHT in our college. It could be opening many doors leading us to get further help in developing the neighbourhood here. So we scoured through people to find the ones who are passionate and hard-working. Together we envisioned Light at IIITDM Chennai to be a group of people who were driven by the inspiration from helping others. It was the like-minded nature of the people which brought them together to form this amazing family ready for the aid of the ones in need. ...We have come up with various plans for our neighbourhood including a hygienic environment, an improvised educational system which develops hand in hand with the development of technology, providing meals among the homes and orphanages, etc. We, the LiGHT members of Chennai hope to transform our neighbourhood into a finer, healthier and improvised place for the people here.


Anal Children Home

Women Safety Survey

Centre Coordinator

Suruthi Poornima A
Krishnakumar Thangavel

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