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LIGHT Samvedna

LiGHT started his journey in 2017. LIGHT came up with a platform to accomplish the necessities of the feeble fragments of a community. It is a unique body whose fabric has been woven by a very strong network of socially motivated students. The first LiGHT center, Samvedna was established in Jan 2017. From the last three years, LiGHT samvedna has played an important role and has had a significant impact on the lives of people. LiGHT Samvedna is grateful for such a wonderful LiGHT samvedna chapter....We are working for the weaker sections of society, works for their upliftment, and believes in bringing happiness to the lives of others. Activities like Orphanage Welfare, Blood Donation Camps, and Cleanliness Drive were under the campaign Clean GCEA have taken place here. The motto of LiGHT samvedna is Not turning a blind eye towards the underprivileged class of society, to lend a helping hand and to strive for the betterment of all of humanity


Cleanliness Drive

Blood Donation

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Sneha Khadbade
Chetan Chavan

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